5 Weird Food Combinations that are Strangely Good


Last updated on September 1st, 2016

5 Weird Food Combinations that are Strangely Good

As I’m sitting down to eat one of my most favorite creations in the world for lunch, which is pickled pearl onions with meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce with a side of garlic bread, I’m thinking about what the world eats that might be strange or weird food combinations ever. I’m also struck by the thought of one of my best friends going through the McDonald’s drive-thru to order two chocolate chip cookies with barbecue sauce to create his “dessert sandwich.” There are things that we all eat in food combination that sounds a bit… well, disgusting on the outside, but makes us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

So today, rather than look at the strange food habits of others, here are fantastic, yet weird food combinations from our family for you to consider trying when you get the opportunity.

5 Weird Food Combinations that are Strangely Good:

#1. Mac & Cheese/Scrambled Egg Fritters

Mac & Cheese Scrambled Egg Fritters

Maybe one of the best weird food combinations of cheesy carbohydrate-filled protein goodness on the planet that will clog your arteries, even if you use low-fat canola oil, these fritters are simply amazing. First you cook the mac & cheese as you normally would, though making the old fashioned type of baked mac & cheese for this is better than the boxed type. Then make some scrambled eggs, but not the runny kind of scramble – you want good, hard eggs. Then mash these two ingredients together, add a little salt, pepper, and some cayenne if you’re brave, and create balls of egg macaroni. Coat in a light batter, deep fry them, and you’ve got some of the most heavenly fritter balls you’ll ever eat!

#2. Chicken & Penne With Maple Syrup Alfredo

Chicken & Penne With Maple Syrup Alfredo

I thought I was the only one who ate this kind of thing until I saw one of the contestants on MasterChef make it during an Italian dish challenge on the last season. I couldn’t help but laugh when the poor guy got criticized up and down by all the judges… and then I made it for my family the next night and blew their minds! The trick to this dish is to make sure that you counter the sweetness of the maple syrup with some saltiness and some spice. When you’re cooking the chicken, let it cook in a very salty bath of water for awhile before searing it off. Add extra salt to the water while you’re cooking the penne too, then add a level of spiciness to it, either savory or hot… or both. Make the Alfredo as you normally would, but then add a healthy dose of maple syrup. Perfecto!

#3. Mustard Oreos

I like sweet stuff, but not stuff that’s so ridiculously sweet that you can feel the sugar granules on your tongue. I also like all kinds of mustard, especially Scotch mustard from Ireland. One day my eldest had an idea as he took the top off of the Oreo cookie: “Daddy? What would happen if we took the creme out of the Oreo cookie and replaced it with something else?”

Thinking that was brilliant, we tried a few different things. He liked the grape jam with the Oreos. My wife kind of dug having cheese with the Oreos. The winner? German mustard that replaces the frosting of the Oreo. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one!

#4. Peanut Butter Hamburgers

The first time I tried this, it was because I’d lost a bet with my kid. He likes the Seahawks, I like the Bears, and my Bears lost. His verdict? “You’ve got to put peanut butter on your next hamburger, Daddy.” To make it even more of a spectacle, we went down to the local burger place. I couldn’t order just any old, plain burger. I had to eat my usual cheeseburger with the works: lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, extra mustard… and a dallop of peanut butter spread on the bun.

Peanut Butter Hamburgers

“Um yeah,” I told the waitress. “I’ll have the deluxe cheeseburger, extra mustard, extra pickles, and could you add some peanut butter to that?”

She stopped snapping her gum at my request. The pen paused. “Peanut butter?” she asked, a Dwayne Johnson eyebrow peaking high on her forehead.

“Extra chunky if you’ve got it,” I added. I could hear the chef laughing in the back when my order got relayed. But… I got the last laugh because peanut butter on a hamburger is amazing. Now I’m probably not going to try it on a mushroom & swiss burger or a specialty burger with guacamole or something, but your standard burger becomes an incredible treat with peanut butter – 100% guaranteed.

My son told me that I wasn’t supposed to like it. I told him “Tough luck.”

#5. Popcorn Cereal

Popcorn Cereal

Every once and awhile I’ve got to go on a gluten-free diet because of some health issues and combined with my allergy to all things soybean related, that leaves a few normal foods during this period of time – like decent cereal – sitting on the side of the curb. Now I know I could eat honey and fruit juice sweetened flax flakes or Rice Chex or something, but… meh. No thanks.

At breakfast one morning before school, the kids were trying a new kind of cereal and my oldest daughter exclaimed, “Daddy! This new cereal tastes just like popcorn. It’s so GOOD!” And that got me to thinking… popcorn is just popped corn anyway. Why not add some honey to it, put some milk on it, and see how it tastes? So I made some popcorn quick that morning, dumped it into a bowl, drizzled it with honey, and now I eat it whenever I can. You can do others sweetening or flavor combinations too: cinnamon, molasses, nutmeg – they all work in different, but still fantastic ways.

Just don’t make the mistake of popping a bag of butter popcorn to use as your cereal base. It’s just not the same… pan-popped popcorn or air popped is by far the best!

Do you have strange, but weird food combinations that you eat home? Share your fantastic food combinations below!

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