Unique to the Desert Southwest: Four Corners


If you ever plan to visit the Desert Southwest, (which you should), you can see many sights in the area, such as Mesa Verde in Colorado, Arches National Park in Utah, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Red River in New Mexico, and so many more. While you visit the many sites in the area, make sure you take a pit stop at the Four Corners Monument. While it may not be much of a visual sight, the way Bryce Canyon or Zion may be, it is truly a unique marker. No other states in the USA touch border in such a unique fashion! You can stand on all four states at one time, while treating yourself to beautiful Native American art or delicacies.

Unique to the Desert Southwest: Four Corners

The monument has been remodeled in recent years, from a small bronze disk in an otherwise uninteresting landscape to a beautifully manicured tourist attraction.  There are large pedestals with benches set up in order for tourists to take photos, along with the seals of each state and the inscription “Four States Here Meed In Freedom Under God.”


Surrounding the monument are new permanent structures for Native American artisans to set up to showcase their wares. You can purchase handmade sand art, photography, jewelry, food, and even stickers to commemorate your experience. There are also public restrooms and beautiful views of the surrounding desert landscape.

four corners

The Four Corners may not be the most beautiful attraction in the Desert Southwest but it is still truly interesting and a unique landmark. It is work a trip once or twice if you plan to travel the area, or live in one of the surrounding states. Take your friends, make a road trip of it, and explore everything there is to see in the area- I assure you, you won’t regret your experience.

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