Trolltunga: Norway’s Terrifyingly Beautiful Cliff Edge


Our world is an amazing place. There are glaciers, boulders, mountains, and oceans to investigate and discover. If you have a spirit of adventure then there is one place on the map you have to experience, Trolltunga, Norway. Jutting 2,300 feet above the lakes surface below is a massive rock formation known by the locals as “Troll Tongue”. During a long forgotten ice age a glacier froze a massive portion of this cliff and broke it off to the valley below. Now, all that remains is a jutting cliff rock that looks as though at any moment it too could fall off tumbling down the side of the mountain. Of course, this knowledge does not deter the thousands of hikers who make the 8-10 hour trek up to the cliff.


Trolltunga Norway

Two boys on Trolltunga                                                                                                                                             Photo: TerjeN

As with any other adventure in nature the weather in the mountains can change in an instant. For this reason hikers are only allowed to venture up the path from mid June to mid September. However, you still put yourself at risk for rainy or foggy weather. Proper equipment, food and water, and clothing are a must if you dare to take this trip. Prepare yourself well for your 12 mile hike over 2,600 feet into the height of the mountains, and if you want to stay overnight high above the lakes surface be sure and bring your own tent because you won’t find any hotels or campgrounds on your journey.


Of course, there is a reason so many people make the long and arduous journey to Trolltunga every year and it has to do with its breathtaking beauty. The back drop that sets the stage for Trolltunga includes Lake Ringedalsvatnet and at its highest point the cliff resides about 3600 feet above sea level. Once you finally arrive at Troll Tongue you can then dare to take those first nail biting few steps on to the cliffs ledge. If you feel even more daring you can position yourself all the way at the very end with your feet hanging over the ledge! Some dare devils have even done cartwheels and jumping jacks on top of the ledge. Whatever you do be cognizant that you are looming 2,300 feet above ground and be respectful of that fact.


On Trolltunga

Photo: Knuand

Take a journey to Norway and become part of Troll Tongue, and we don’t mean literally. Take it from us this is one heck of an adventure for the daring individual in all of us.


The view of Trolltunga

Photo: TerjeN

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