15 Things About Long Term Travel You Can’t Miss


Last updated on July 25th, 2017

A Long Term Travel away from your home is actually a memorable one for sure but there are certain things which we can say are the limitations of a long term holiday. This thing one realizes only when he/she returns back home as one will actually get to know the harsh reality that there is nothing best than your home, your family, and your friends. The comfort level one gets at his/her own personal space is no less than heaven. Though a trip is a must when one needs a break from his/her daily routine but there are some ill effects that one gets to face when he/she is on a long term trip in a totally different place with a totally different atmosphere.

To be honest, not every trip is that fruitful as we actually expect it to be and if you are traveling alone then obviously these ill effects increase as you constantly miss your family and friends due to lack of company. So, a lot of people when they travel for long actually face trip blues which they never want to remember for their rest of their lives as these blues actually haunt them. So, this article is basically for those travelers who are planning a long term trip in the near future as they should at least have a hint regarding the things they should avoid on the trip and in case they face it then they should try not to remember it at all. So, here we are providing you 15 things that a traveler will actually not miss in his/her long term trip for sure.

15 Things about Long Term Travel You Can’t Miss:-


  1. The toilets

The toilets

If you are continuously traveling and that too at different places, then please don’t expect that everywhere you will find a clean, hygienic and odor free washrooms. You have to prepare yourself mentally and even carry along your required toiletries when you are on a long holiday. A dirty and unhygienic toilet will actually lose your mind which in turn can make your trip a bad one for sure. Apart from dirty washrooms, other hustles that people face regarding washrooms are like broken locks, lack of water and soap and much more. So, we can say a bad toilet experience can actually make your trip worse and it is actually unavoidable. So, it is better that you should be prepared before traveling on a long term trip.


  1. Snorers


Snoring can actually make your nights turn into hell. If you are traveling in a package and all of you are staying together, then at least one of them must be having this severe problem of snoring and that one person can actually make your whole trip worse. This is because when you are unable to sleep properly, you will not be able to enjoy your trip at all. Those loud noises of screeching and hauling will not at all let you sleep and you will feel uncomfortable all through your trip. The best solution to this problem is to carry ear plugs along with you and by chance, if you have forgotten them, then either change your room or take a whiskey shot and go to sleep.

  1. Mosquitoes


Mosquito bites can actually make your Long Term Travel worse than hell. People who are adventurous and love to travel at camping spots, hiking and other similar places often face the problem of mosquito bites and other insect bites as well. This happens especially when you are on a summer trip because winter trips are free from such insect bite problems. Mosquito bites can still be bared but when these poisonous bites cause dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue, then your trip will only be remembered for bad reasons for sure. So, if you are traveling in a mosquito-prone area, then you must carry all those essentials that will prevent you from these poisonous bites like mosquito repellant creams, balms, tea tree oil, etc.


  1. New Stuff

New Stuff

When you are traveling in a totally different place having a different atmosphere, different culture and also the different language which you do not understand at all, the every day of your Long Term Travel is just like an exam. Searching and reaching a particular spot is nothing less than a battle and the case worsens when nobody understands your language and you have to communicate through gestures. The next challenge one faces is the challenge of food when firstly one cannot understand what to order and if finally the order is placed, then the taste can actually spoil your mood and at that point of time, you will miss your home cooked food which was simple but still it satisfied your hunger. So, in order to avoid it, one should always search thoroughly about the place at which one is traveling to.


  1. Packing


If you love traveling, then packing unpacking your stuff is a part of your life and sometimes this packing unpacking can actually get on your nerves and make you irritated. The continuous chores of taking care of your clothes and other stuff are actually a hustle which in turn can make your trip a bit stressful.  But if you are used to it and you manage to clear and again pack your bag or suitcase quite quickly then it is not a problem for you. So, before planning a Long Term Travel who should actually train yourself on how to manage your travel bag without getting stressed otherwise you will be irritated during your whole trip for sure.

  1. Missing friends and family

Missing friends and family

Homesickness can actually make your trip worse especially when you are traveling alone and that too for quite a long period of time. Though an overseas trip is always enjoyable but somewhere inside one always misses his/her home comfort and obviously his/her family members and friends. Sometimes people become quite emotional when it comes to their family and friends which can actually make your homesickness thing acuter which turns out as a disadvantage for your Long Term Travel. In order to avoid this, keep continuous contact with your loved ones through Skype and audio calling.


  1. Cash Problem

Cash Problem

When you are traveling at a totally different place, then the top most problem one faces is the arrangement of cash in the same currency. We are always of the view that if we have enough funds in our account, then we are ready for an overseas Long Term Travel but when we actually need cash, and then we are unable to get it. The ATM machines in other countries are quite unreliable and one is unable to get access to the foreign currency and sometimes we do not even know the currency denomination and are unable to spend it as well. It is always advisable that you inform your bank people about your trip plan so that you don’t face the problem of shortage of funds and keep in contact with the Western Union people as well.


  1. Sweating


People generally Long Term Travel during their summer vacations and it is always advisable to travel to a cool place rather than a hot one in order to avoid the heat of the sun. But if are actually to a hot summery place, then you got to sweat a lot which will, in turn, make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable as well. Excessive sweating can make you feel exhausted and you don’t feel like going anywhere else. The best solution to this is to carry along sweat resistant deodorants and roll on’s and carry light colored clothes. Apart from that try taking showers at least twice a day and try remaining maximum under air conditioners.


  1. Less understanding

Less understanding

Lack of understanding due to a difference of languages can create a big problem for your Long Term Travel. If you are traveling in a country where English is not that widely spoken, then it is a big challenge for you to communicate with the local people out there. The challenge gets tougher when you don’t know the local language of the place which leads to gesture interaction with the people which obviously they cannot fully understand. Where you travel to explore a particular country and lack of communication creates a hustle in your exploration can actually irritate you. To overcome this problem, you must carry along with you a phrasebook of that particular country so that you can effectively communicate with the people out there.


  1. Forever saying goodbye

Forever saying goodbye

When your long term trip ends and you have to leave the place to go back to your own country, that moment is quite an emotional one. This is because you make new friends every time you go on a trip and ultimately you have to say them goodbye forever which actually make you feel bad. This generally happens when you are in a country like India where people are quite friendly and they respect you and welcome you wholeheartedly to their country. You get yourself involved with them forgetting the fact that sooner you have to part your ways. You cannot avoid this but you can keep continuous contact with your new overseas friends on the social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp.


  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs

When you are traveling, you are always staying into a hotel or lodge and bed bugs are quite common there. You cannot find out that which hotel or lodge is bug-free actually. It is actually not the fault of the hotel authorities because these bed bugs are unavoidable especially if the place has a moist kind of climate. So, you are left with no other option but to deal with these bugs and make your skin bare the after effects. The only solution to this problem is to carry along your own bedding essentials for the trip and get a bed bug ridden pad.


  1. Stomach Infection

Stomach Infection

When your atmosphere, sleeping routine and eating routine changes due to long traveling sessions, then this will definitely lead to severe stomach sickness which may even land you in the hospital and ultimately make your trip a hell. If your stomach is a sensitive one, then an even change of water can lead to a stomach infection. Apart from that low hygiene in washrooms is also a cause of stomach sickness. So, it is better to carry along a hand sanitizer with you in order to avoid any kind of infection that can lead to stomach sickness. Also, try drinking packaged water and eating packaged and hygienic food as well.


  1. Loneliness


Traveling alone can sometimes be quite boring also. Though most people enjoy solo traveling but at some point of time they also feel lonely and at that time they actually crave for a company. If you are a social person, then your trip will actually not be that delightful as it would have been with your family and friends or companions. Without company one is never able to enjoy the trip and will always feel lonely and depressed. So, if you are alone on a trip, then start communicating with other travelers in order to avoid loneliness.


  1. Carrying your luggage all around

Carrying your luggage all around

Backpacks look quite cool and trendy when you carry them on your trip and wherever you go. But at some point of time, the backpack or luggage actually irritates you as you get tired of carrying it everywhere you go. At some place carrying luggage looks nice and trendy but at some places, these backpacks actually insult you in front of other people. In other words, carrying your luggage wherever you go is actually a quite difficult task. So, it is better to carry light weight things so as to reduce your burden to a little extent.


  1. Same conversation again and again

Same conversation again and again

When you go on Long Term Travel, you got to meet different types of people and everyone view you as a new tourist and every time you visit, you have to face the same type of questions asked by these local people of that particular country, Where are you from? How long have you been traveling? Which is your favorite place? and much more. You actually get tired of these same old conversations every time you visit a new place. The best thing is to just avoid these questions and move forward.

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