The Nine Hells of Beppu



It’s one of the top destinations in Japan to experience hot springs. Even though there are nearly 3,000 hot springs in total, there are 9 in particular that people come to see because of their hot temperatures and strange feature. Even the community at large seems to be sitting on a frying pan as steam comes out of any crack in the ground!

Are you ready to explore the 9 levels of hell today?

Level #1: Sea Hell

It’s a beautiful cobalt blue, it was created over a millennium ago, and you could poach an egg inside of it if you wanted to do so. It’s literally just a dozen degrees off of a rolling boil and puddings are cooked in it regularly and sold to tourists who want a taste of hell.

Level #2: Shaven Head Hell

It’s even hotter than Sea Hell and it has a cooler name too! This version of hell has mud bubbles that form and the sight is said to look like the bald dome of a monk’s head. Whether that is true or not, make sure to bring some edamame along so you can throw it at the invisible evil spirits that might be lurking near you.

Level #3: Mountain Hell

If you like the combination of friendly animals and a hellish atmosphere, then this is the place for you. The mud is said to resemble mountain peaks, which is why it has been given this name. Once you escape from hell, make sure to feed the local hippo a carrot at the zoo.

Level #4: Cooking Pot Hell

I don’t know about you, but it’s hell when I don’t have a clean cooking pot that’s hell enough! This version of hell has six different pool colors and it’s cooler than the other 8 locations, so you can have hot drinking water and mushy vegetables all you want with this spring.

Level #5: Crocodile Hell

It might be known locally better as Demon Mountain Hell, but you just can’t ignore the nearly 100 crocodiles that call this area home. It’s a salt spring that generates lots of steam pressure – so much so that it could power one of those old steam-powered automobiles. Just don’t get too close and bother the crocs or you might be running from them in your Crocs!

Level #6: White Pond Hell

If you’ve ever seen a Japanese garden, then the first glimpse you get of this level of hell will remind you of it. The waters are emerald and the rising steam blankets the area in white on a still day. It gets its color from the local sassolite, so you won’t have to worry about the bug spray if the steam heads your way.

Level #7: Spouting Hell

It’s a geyser that erupts about once every 30 minutes, but it can happen every 10 minutes during the day sometimes. It’s the hottest waters in hell and it’s filled with sulfur, so stand back and enjoy the smell of rotten eggs! On a good spout, it can reach heights of over 160 feet.

Level #8: Blood Pond Hell

The best way to prepare yourself for entry into this level of hell is to soak your feet in the downstream waters that won’t scald your toes off. If you can only visit one of these nine locations, make it this one because both the water and the steam are the color of blood. To take advantage of the antiseptic nature of the water, you can pick up a mud paste while there too.

Level #9: Golden Dragon Hell

To be fair, not everyone believes that this level of hell is actually part of the program. Steam actually comes out of the dragon statue that is at this level and there’s an attached greenhouse that benefits from the waters. The rim of the pond really is golden as well and if you’re really brave, you can wash your hands in the waters.

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