Lord Howe Island: The World’s Last 7 Miles of Paradise


Last updated on October 26th, 2016

Lord Howe Island might not be the most bizarre tourist attraction you ever visit, but it might be one of the most beautiful places you ever see! It’s a 2 hour flight from Sydney to reach this island, which you can find off of Australia’s eastern coast. This small island is just 7 miles long from tip to tip. There’s a beautiful lagoon featured in the middle of the island, buffered by emerald mountains that provide a beautiful framework for your journey here. You won’t find large hotels or 5 star eateries here.

You will, however, find an incredible piece of quiet paradise that will change your life.

Why Choose “The Last Paradise” As Your Next Destination?

What makes Lord Howe Island such a tempting destination is the fact that everyone has the chance to be able to have a great time here. Families with kids can enjoy a leisurely bike ride on the one main street that is found on the island. Couples looking for a romantic time can find a beachside bungalow, adventure in the island’s wilderness, or water sports to fulfill their adventurous side. There’s wakeboarding, scuba diving, fishing, birdwatching, windsurfing, and even golf available here!

Bicycles are what rule on Lord Howe Island, however, and it’s easy to see why. With just 8 miles/13 kilometers of total street space, low speed limits, and clearly marked bike tracks that lead up to several bicycle racks around the island, it’s easy to ride down to the beach, take a dip into the ocean, and then go get a bite to eat. Even just walking to any destination on the island is easy enough to do if you prefer two feet to two wheels.

In the water, it is scuba diving that is the crown jewel of the water sports available on the island. It sits at the conjunction of five major ocean currents, which means you’ll be able to see a mix of different sea life that is unavailable anywhere else in the world. Volcanic drop-offs, trenches, and caves only enhance the awe-inspiring underwater views that you’ll find on the “average” dive that is available every day.

There Are Only 400 Guest Rooms On the Island

Unlike other sub-tropical destinations, Lord Howe Island is very limited in the amount of visitors that it can accommodate on a daily basis. This allows the island to maintain its laid back lifestyle and give visitors the chance to truly have a chance to get away from modern life for awhile if they so desire. Apartments, guest houses, and bungalows are the rooms of choice here, but lodges are available as well. The best part? If you travel during the off-season, room rates start at just $55 per night!

As for dining options on the island, you’ll find some contemporary dining options available to you if you want the full service experience. With 11 beautiful beaches and the ability to have food delivered to your apartment if you have a self-service kitchen, however, our recommendation is to sample the local seafood here in a variety of ways. Grilling kingfish on the beach, the primary fishing staple on Lord Howe Island, really is an out of this world experience!

Healthy, simple, and fresh is what you’ll find in the cuisine here. It’s also reflective of this island’s way of life and why it will draw you back to it time and time again. The entire main island is a UNESCO world heritage property and more than 75% of the island’s natural vegetation remains intact. The coral reefs below the surface are pristine, the beaches beautiful, and the sunsets amazing.

Young or old, with the family or by yourself, Lord Howe Island has something amazing to offer you in a completely accessible and affordable way. That’s why it should be on your list of places to visit this year!

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