Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River Tips and info


The Bend in the Colorado River known as Horseshoe bend is absolutely breathtaking. Its unique geological formation creates a 90 degree turn that has puzzled man since we first laid eyes upon it. But if you decide to head out to see this amazing natural formation there are a few tips you should keep in mind before leaving.

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  1. Take plenty of water. Horseshoe bend is located in Arizona and is most frequently visited during the hot summer months of May-August. If you choose to visit then make sure you are prepared for the extreme heat and bring plenty of bottled water with you.
  2. Wear the right shoes. The terrain around the bend is rocky and hard to navigate if you are wearing improper footwear. Opt for a solid pair of hiking boots that will keep your feet moving forward as you move around to the best site seeing locations on the river.
  3. Bring your camera! You don’t want to regret not taking photos of this impressive and amazing bend in the Colorado River so be sure and bring a camera with a fully charged battery, because you won’t want to stop taking pictures.

Interesting facts:

Horseshoe bend resides 1,000 feet above the rivers surface which is equivalent to a 99-storey building.

The formation was created over the course of a billion years and was caused by the continual flow of water through the canyon walls.

The water in the Colorado River below is emerald green in summer and is cool enough to enjoy a refreshing swim, if you can make it down to the bottom.

This location is known as the suicide capital of Arizona because people often go here to jump into a ‘beautiful death’.

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The hike and travel to this location is well worth the effort. Most tourists do not even know about this beautiful location and instead gather around more well-known locations throughout the Grand Canyon. On most days you can drive all the way to the parking lot and easily find a spot to park your vehicle. A half mile hike down the trail leads you directly to the bend and as the trail gives way to nothingness below you will understand why Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River is a must see place before  you die.

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