Go Crush a Car At Tank Town, USA!


Tank Town

How can you not love the idea of being able to drive a tank? How fun would it be to then take that tank you’re driving and crush a car with it? At Tank Town, USA, which is actually located in Blue Ridge, GA, you get to have that kind of fun. For as little as $50, you can enjoy being able to drive a tank around the 5 acres of Tank Town with an instructor… and you in the driver’s seat.

Tank Town Is Perfect For a Family Visit

For that $50 you are spending, you and a passenger get to have a 10 minute tank driving session. That price also includes having a kiddo come along with you, as long as they are above the age of 7. Teenagers 15 and over are able to drive with the instructor! And maybe, after you’ve driven a tank for awhile, you want to get the taste of driving some heavy construction equipment. Another $50 will get you into the driver’s seat of a bulldozer or an excavator!

Is Tank Town pricey fun compared to other bizarre tourist attractions? Yes… but how many times can the average person honestly say they got to drive a tank or use an excavator?

Crushing a Car Is So Much Fun!

There’s just something ingrained in the very nature of the human soul about being in control while driving a tank and crushing a car that makes for a memorable, fun experience. The crunch of the metal, the power of being in control of 15 tons of tank, and the sound of glass exploding underneath your treading is something that will bring the smile to almost anyone’s face! The cost of crushing a car is $499 and reservations are required to make this happen, but if you can afford it, it is definitely worth the experience!

Now For the Hidden Secret of Tank Town, USA

There is one secret at Tank Town that you may not realize: there actually aren’t any tanks over at Tank Town. That’s because the United States does not allow the sale of operational military armor. What you’ll see at Tank Town instead are armored British personnel carriers that look a lot like a tank and drive a lot like a tank… but really isn’t a tank. It only takes about 30 seconds to learn how to drive one, but the experience definitely qualifies it as one of the most fun AND most bizarre things you can do as a tourist today!

If you are planning on a trip to Tank Town, the first thing you must realize is that you’re going to get dirty. Not kind of dusty… you will want to bring a change of clothes because you are going to be covered in muck! You’ll also see that a wide range of people enjoy Tank Town, from WWII veterans to those 15 year old kids who are still learning how to drive their parent’s car. Because of the popularity, Tank Town, USA recommends making reservations no matter what you intend to do during your visit.

Be Sure To Fill Out Your Trip With Other Bizarre Things!

Would you take a whole vacation just to experience Tank Town? Of course not! You can, however, enjoy many other bizarre attractions in the are after your visit to Tank Town:

  • There’s the Statue of Liberty replica that has been modified to become a street lamp, also in Blue Ridge. It’s sitting right next to the old county courthouse in town.
  • There’s Patrick’s Pub & Grill, which straddles the state line between Tennessee and Georgia. What makes this bar unique is that the county in Tennessee that contains the front of the house allows liquor, but the Georgia county where the back of the house is happens to be a dry county, so it doesn’t allow any liquor whatsoever. Patrick’s has stationed a table a few feet from the bathroom so that you can set your beer down in Tennessee and not pee illegally with a beer in your hand in Georgia… without ever leaving the bar!
  • In Cumming, GA, about an hour away, you’ll be able to get out and climb around on two of the largest Pink Panther statues in the world. They’re right along the highway!
  • Cumming is worth the drive because you can also experience Booger Hill. It’s a gravity hill, which means the world of physics seems to get turned on its head – as you’re driving uphill, your car will actually pick up speed as if you were coasting downhill! Booger Hill is a very popular attraction and is often packed with traffic. It is said that this happens because the ghosts of the local slave burial grounds don’t want visitors, so they pull your vehicle back up the hill. Some people have even said that they have found handprints on their vehicle afterwards!

From Tank Town to Booger Hill, the entire Blue Ridge region is filled with fun and bizarre things to do. The only question I have is this: what if I could take one of those British personnel carriers up Booger Hill? Could the ghosts pull 15 tons of armored goodness up a hill in neutral?

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