Get Your Walking Shoes Ready to Tour These Cities


Last updated on July 28th, 2017

If you are the kind of person that enjoys a great stroll, then you will love this list of major cities that are made for walking. You can see the sites on foot with no problem in these areas. When you visit a large enough city, you can walk down the streets and soak in the sites with your entire family.


  1. New York, NY

There is no place like New York City. The streets are full of vendors and entertainers galore. Walking through these areas will bring excitement and a sense of awe to you and your whole family. There are a few places you’ll definitely want to stop by when you go for a visit.

  • Times Square- it may seem cliché’, but visiting Times Square is a must when heading into the city. This part of the area is even safer now that the streets between 42nd and 47th are closed off to traffic.
  • 9/11 Memorial- many people can remember where they were that day when the towers burned to the ground. Visiting this memorial will bring back many memories from that time.
  • Rockefeller Center- the deck on top of the Rockefeller Center is a great place to survey the city from a high view. It brings new perspective on the bustling streets below.

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  1. Boston, MA

In recent years, Boston has transformed its city into an area that is even more friendly for those that enjoy taking a stroll. Best time to visit this New England state is in the summer months. When you go, be sure to check out these places.

  • The Freedom Trail- this is a great place to walk through to see 16 different historical locations. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to complete the tour.
  • Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum- a replica of the Boston Tea Party ship is in the harbor on Congress Street. When you board the ship, you can take a tour around and see what it was like that night. You even have a chance to throw a box of tea into the water.


  1. San Francisco, CA

Out on the west coast, San Francisco is beautiful and sunny. There are some very steep hills in the city, but it is still made for walking. You can find some truly amazing things to see when you take a trip to California. Be sure to stop by these attractions.

  • Chinatown- this is an amazing part of the city to take a visit. It tends to stay crowded, but the walk is worth it to see all of the incredible architecture and excitement lining the streets.
  • Union Street- what a great place to walk through whether it be day or night. It is always bustling with activities and vendors.

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  1. Chicago, IL

Chicago is truly the windy city and it is full of towering business and bustling with many people. Visiting in late summer will bring you the best time for walking through the area. When you go, check out some of these great places.

  • Cloud Gate- this is where the iconic bean shaped sculpture by Anish Kapoor is located. Snapping a picture with this gigantic piece of art is a must.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo- this is definitely a change in pace from the city scape. Not only is this zoo amazing, it is also free of charge to visit.


  1. St. Augustine, FL

This is the oldest city in America and it is rich with history and culture. The downtown area is stocked with shops and attractions that you can easily walk through. There are so many amazing things for you to see while you are here.

  • Castillo De San Marcos- this fort was made in the 17th century and is a prime example of the bastion system of fortifying a city. You are sure to be impressed with its structure.
  • Augustine Lighthouse and Museum- this lighthouse is beautiful to say the least. You’ll be able to take a tour inside of the tower and also see artifacts that have been salvaged from wrecked ships.

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  1. St. Louis, MI

Home of the amazing structure, the St. Louis arch, you can take great tours on foot. The land here is nice and flat and very easy for walking. Check out some of these exciting places when you go.

  • Louis Arch- the arch is amazing and incredible place to tour. There are places to shop at the bottom of the arch. If you dare, take an elevator ride to the top of the arches. You will be amazed how much the arch sways back and forth at the top.
  • City Museum- there are over 10,000 sea creatures living in the aquarium here that you and your family can see. There is also food, art, and other exciting things to visit while you are there.


  1. Philadelphia, PN

This is the city known for brotherly love and it has some great places for you to visit while walking. There are some areas in the city that you’ll just fall in love with.

  • Franklin Square- this is one of 5 public parks in Philadelphia. There are many great attractions in this area for the family to enjoy, such as a mini-golf course and carousel.
  • The Liberty Bell Center- if you visit this area, take the time to see the Liberty Bell. It is a spectacular part of the nation’s history.


  1. Washington, DC

The nation’s capital is full of amazing sites that you can see on foot. Not only can you see the White House while you visit, there are also other history rich attractions that will capture your attention.

  • Georgetown- Georgetown sits right on the waterfront is full of amazing shops to browse through.
  • Smithsonian- this museum is amazing and full of so many relics from the nation’s history. It is almost impossible to see everything in one day. It would be good to give yourself more than one day to see it all.


All of these cities provide you with many options to walk through the area and not worry about driving a vehicle. These areas would make for good destinations that you fly into and rely on public transportation and walking to the attractions you want to visit.

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