4 Winter Travel Tips While Visiting Europe


Last updated on August 31st, 2016

4 Winter Travel Tips While Visiting Europe

Europe seems like the perfect place to take a vacation during the Summer months. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous villages, and incredible sights to explore, it is no wonder why many focus on the warmer months for their travel plans. When the Winter months set in, Europe begins to transform. Gelato is traded in for a warm seasonal soup. The lines for many of the primary attractions you’ll want to see begin to evaporate until they completely disappear. Even restaurants suddenly have tables available for you!

Of course you should bring plenty of warm clothes so that you can dress in layers when you decide to experience Europe in the winter. Here are, however, 4 winter travel tips for you to consider as you prepare for one of the most magical trips of your life!

4 Winter Travel Tips While Visiting Europe:

Tip #1: Always Back a Hat, Gloves, & a Scarf

Traveling in Europe during the winter is all about maintaining your body heat relative to the cold that is surrounding it. That’s why a hat is a must-have piece of fashion for any cold weather trip throughout the continent! Adding gloves and a scarf for those blustery days will help to further ward off the cold, while also allowing you to express your own unique style every day. On warmer days, the gloves and scarf simply slip into a day bag that you’ve likely brought along anyway!

Tip #2: Always Have Some Loose Change or Cash Available

On a cold, blustery day when the wind is biting at your skin, nothing soothes that feeling of cold better than a nice warm drink. From coffee to hot chocolate or something stronger, if you prefer, there are often vendors outside the sights and attractions that have the perfect drink that can warm you up. It’s also the perfect opportunity to grab a small cup or bowl of soup! Many vendors require physical money, which is why you should always keep a little extra in a pocket somewhere.

Tip #3: Bring Along Skin Essentials

The cold breezes of Europe during the winter are famous for creating chapped lips and dry skin. Leave those conditions untreated for more than a day or two and your pleasant winter European trip will take a turn toward misery! The good news is that a simple lip balm and some dry skin lotion are often all you need to take care of the winter skin problems. Don’t forget your sunscreen too! Just because the weather has turned colder doesn’t mean that you won’t get a sunburn on a clear winter day.

Tip #4: Use Backpacks or Bags That Come Across the Shoulders

There are two reasons to use these types of bags instead of a traditional purse or satchel: 1) they provide a better level of security as you travel because they are more difficult to grab on a pass; and 2) they keep your hands free so you can shove them into your pockets if need be. Free hands are also more suited to carrying a hot cappuccino!

Winter in Europe is truly a magical time of year. It should be experienced at least once! If this is to be your year, then keep these 4 winter travel tips in mind as you finalize your winter travel plans in Europe.

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