Flying a Jet: The Best Tourist Attraction Ever


Last updated on August 26th, 2016

MIG 29

Flying the friendly skies is a common occurrence when it is time to take a holiday or vacation. What isn’t a common occurrence is personally taking the controls of the jet that is taking you from Point A to Point B! Although you can’t just generally sit in the cockpit of a commercial airline these days [you know, terrorism and all], there is still a place in this world where you can experience taking the controls of a high speed jet. Several places, in fact, thanks to Switzerland-based MigFlug.

Locations Exist in Europe, Russia, and the United States

One of the most common questions asked about flying a jet that can reach supersonic speeds is if it is legal to do it. It is absolutely legal in every location! MigFlug works with local governments to make sure that each flight is logged according to local standards. This means you can be in the cockpit, making high-G turns, or even broaching the very limits of space in a sub-orbital flight without reservation.

Each location has specific jets that are available for flight, so there is a wide variety of jets you might find available to you during your trip. Here is just a sample of the jets included with a MigFlug package:

  • MiG-29
  • L-39 Box
  • Hawker Hunter

If you want to fly at supersonic speeds, however, you’ll have to get yourself to Russia: it is the only country that allows civilian control of a jet traveling at that speed. If you’d rather get a chance to experience Zero-G first hand, that’s also a possibility. Using an aircraft that never leaves the atmosphere, MigFlug uses a laboratory aircraft to provide you with 12 separate incidents of weightlessness while in flight.

Are You Ready To Become an Astronaut on Vacation?

And yes – you get to take the control! MigFlug briefs everyone before the flight even begins so that there is an idea of what to expect. Anyone really can take control of a jet and fly it for awhile safely! Best of all, being a tourist can actually turn you into a legitimate astronaut. That’s right – NASA’s definition of being an astronaut is that you cross the Karman Line. MigFlug takes you 3 kilometers higher with their Xcor Lynx flight.

The experience on the Xcor Lynx is a very personal one. Instead of being crammed into a passenger cabin, you’re in the cockpit with the pilot all by yourself. The aircraft is smaller than other suborbital aircraft, making the flight a little cheaper than other options as well. Best of all, you’ll get a full canopy view of the world from over 300,000 feet above the planet. This opportunity is in conjunction with Xcor Aerospace, but tickets are expensive – a minimum of $95,000.

Still, the chance to become a recognized astronaut as a tourist? That’s almost priceless.

Want To Fly With MigFlug? Here’s How!

MigFlug is a tourist activity that you just can’t stop by to enjoy. You may need to provide up to 50 days of lead time in order to be able to experience piloting a jet. If you are looking to enjoy a suborbital experience, more time may be required and advanced training may also be needed, including high G-force training. Advanced flights may also required an advanced medical screening as well.

Flights in the United States begin at $2,399 for a 30 minute flight. European flights are priced comparably, while supersonic flights in Russia begin at 11,500€. For more information or to book your own flight, be sure to visit MigFlug’s website.

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