Experience Las Vegas on the Cheap


Last updated on July 27th, 2017

Viva Las Vegas! Everyone should make the trip to the Red Rock Desert at least once to visit the memorable and exciting Sin City. From gambling to shows, buffet dinners and outdoor oases, Las Vegas is the place to be to experience all the glamour and luxury you can stand. However, all that excitement comes with a steep price.

Experience Las Vegas on the Cheap

While we may not have the tips to make sure you win it big at the gambling table, we can help you keep your money in your pockets the rest of the time.

Visit at the right time

Traditionally, Vegas gets busy when the weather is beautiful. Tourists flock to the desert city from September-November and March-May to get out of their cold weather and into some dry desert sunshine. To save money on airfare and hotel prices, try to jump in at non-peak times. The middle of the summer from June-August, and the middle of winter from December-January are some of the best times to visit to avoid the throngs of people and to get a better deal on your hotel rooms.

Holiday weekends can also be a great time to visit if you aren’t planning to be with family. Easter, July 4, and Thanksgiving are often great times to visit, but don’t try to scoot over there on Labor Day Weekend, the three-day-weekend crowds will be insane! The weekdays following those weekends are a better option.

If you have an open availability to visit, try to peek around at calendar views for flights and hotel rooms. It won’t be too hard to find dates with cheaper rates as airlines and hotels will always try to fill their seats before it is too late! If you can take off midweek, you will almost always find a better deal.


Drink for free

If you sit in a casino and gamble, even if you just sit at a slot machine for a while, you will be offered free alcohol by the waitresses. The casinos want you to get sloshed and spend all your money, so they are willing to make the trade of a few bucks in liquor. While we don’t recommend getting drunk on the casino floor, if you want to have a few free cocktails, sit down at a slot machine for a while and a waitress will appear! Be sure to tip her to keep the drinks coming- start with a higher amount and then tip at least $1 for every additional drink. It is cheaper than buying them from the bar!

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Last minute show tickets

If you really want to go see a show, don’t buy your tickets online! Wait until the day of the show and hit up a Tix4Tonight booth- they are scattered around the strip. Tickets are often half the price of will call or online tickets, and you can get tickets for any of the strip’s fabulous shows, including Cirque du Soleil, the Blue Man Group, and any number of magic or comedy shows. Visit their website first to see what tickets they have available.


Take the monorail

Taxis are a way of life in Las Vegas much like they are in NYC. However, much like the New York subway system, the Las Vegas strip has a very convenient monorail system linking many of the main hotels along the strip. Keep your cash in your pocket and avoid taking expensive cabs to and from your destination. The monorail has single-ride and weekend tickets so you can take it multiple times a day if you plan to grab a buffet, do some shopping, and see a show.

There are also a few free shuttles offered by the Monorail system and some of the hotels to take you back and forth to sister hotels. These free shuttles can be convenient to get to your show or club destinations.


Free entertainment

Not everything in Las Vegas is expensive. Yes, a room at the Bellagio with a view of the fountains will cost you a pretty penny, but simply watching the show is absolutely free! Vegas is full of museums, observatories, shows, and parks that are just waiting to be explored. If you want to pay for a cab, you can even stop by downtown vegas to see the sights on Fremont Street.


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