The European Coast As Seen by a Photographer


A Van in the Sea-5

Seasoned Photographer Alessandro Puccinelli decided one day that it was a good idea to purchase a Winnebago and park it up and down the European coast and take photographs. His love for photography and travel were combined to create this series of photos. In each picture we see the placement of his van in a seemingly dramatic space that is picture perfect, although somewhat overly hyped, but still quite beautiful.


A Van in the Sea-10

Even if you are a fan of fast cars and city lights you can’t help but like these photos. They embody what it means to be free. Sitting in a van away from all the distractions, stresses, and emotions of life in the modern world looks incredibly inviting. No one asked Alessandro to take out the trash while he was in his van, nor did they demand a rent payment. He was allowed to just be. How fantastic of an idea. Traveling up and down his homeland’s coast was no doubt one of the most amazing things he has ever done, and yet it was so simple. Who of us couldn’t afford a 1985 van? But before you go off and purchase a vehicle you deem worthy of companionship, you have to understand a few things about photographers.

1. The work they do is fun, but can be tiring, and

2. You don’t have to purchase a van to enjoy life. Vow to live your life each day like Alessandro and you too will begin to understand what it is all about.

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