Black and White Animal Portraits by Lukas Holas


Czech Republic-based photographer Lukas Holas has released an incredible series of photos, which were captured at locations across the globe.

An array of different animals — described by Holas as ‘a matter of my heart’ — are captured in stunning detail. In this collection of black and white images, light and shadow plays across the subjects, who are set against a black backdrop that adds and incredible element of drama to this collection.

These candid shots capture each creature’s unique essence. The viewer gets a great feel for each animal’s distinctive personality. The photographer manages to transcend time and space, with each subject’s personality an mood emerging from the pixels.

Photographer Lukas Holas’ collection of creature candids includes an elephant, giraffe, a hippopotamus, a pelican, a glance from a zebra, crocodile, an eagle with an incredibly intense stare, a camel with some rather crazy dreadlocks and numerous large cats, including a lion, lioness, lynx, jaguar and a tiger, who stretches on a tree limb as he emerges from his nap.

These black and white animal portraits are simply incredible, as it’s extremely difficult to take photos of animals in a manner that so effectively captures their unique personality and mood. This collection of animal photos by Lukas Holas is a must-see for any animal lover.

Photos by Lukas Holas

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