Top 6 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in United States


Last updated on September 14th, 2016

Top 6 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in United States

The road trip is the classic American right of passage. Whether it was the old Route 66 or via today’s interstates that stretch across the country in all directions, there are literally millions of different sights to see. Each community has something special to offer visitors and deserves a visit in its own unique way! We’ve pared down the selection of roadside attractions in United States down to the Top bizarre attractions that you should visit at some point, whether you live in the States or are just planning an extended visit. Let’s take a look!

Top 6 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in United States:

#1. The Beer Can House: Houston, TX

Wanting to make his property look distinguished, John Milkovisch started remodeling his home and property in the late 1960’s. He put down some marble and stone in his yard, but then realized that he needed the siding of his home to look good too. What came to mind was the fact that he could make his own aluminum siding from beer cans, so that’s what he did. Over the course of 18 years, Milkovisch attached over 50k beer cans in his efforts to have a property that was as low maintenance as possible. Not to let the siding be outdone, he also created long beer can garlands that stream from the roof of his home like wind chimes that tend to tinkle in the wind, if you catch the pun. Milkovisch still lives there too, as an added bonus of Americana.

Beer House: Bizarre Roadside Attractions in United States

Photo: Shavawn


#2. Biosphere 2: Tuscon, AZ

Once named as one of the 50 modern wonders of the world, Biosphere 2 was built at a time when enclosed environments were thought to be the most sustainable way to maintain agricultural conditions in dramatically poor environments. Scientists were going to spend years upon years enclosed in the Biosphere, but after watching Bio-Dome decided that the possibility of deranged scientists and exploding coconuts was probably a bad combination. Today you can visit this educational center at the base of the Santa Clara Mountains to learn about our planet and see a replica of a Mars lander.

Biosphere 2 Tucson: Bizarre Roadside Attractions in United States

Photo: Johndedios


#3. Cabazon Dinosaurs: Cabazon, CA

Perhaps one of the best known bizarre roadside attractions, the Cabazon Dinosaurs have been seen in movies, television commercials, and the nightmares of the millions of commuters who travel beneath them every day. For added kicks and giggles, you can explore a museum that is located within the bowels of the gigantic T-Rex. There’s even talk about turning the dinosaurs into a Creationist theme park, which would definitely add another level of interesting complexity to this roadside attractions in United States. Or, if you don’t want to do the road trip, you could watch The Wizard starring Fred Savage and get a good dose of what to expect anyway.


#4. The Center of the United States: Lebanon, KS

The only thing better than visiting an unusual landmark is to visit and unusual landmark that actually has geographical significance. At the Center of the United States, you’ll find… wait for it… a slightly erroneous plaque dedicated to the geographical center of the US – you see, it’s about 20 miles off. As an added perk, however, you can catch a stunning, handmade sign that tells you there are souvenirs in Lebanon that you can purchase.


#5. World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup: Collinsville, IL

First of all, you must have the debate as to whether it is “catsup” or “ketchup.” They call it catsup there, but we’ll call it ketchup here. Either way, what you’ll see is exactly what you’d expect to see: a giant red bottle. It doubles as the town’s water tower and was built to for the ketchup bottling plant in town. For an extra dose of bizarre Americana, be sure to come into town on the big ketchup bottle’s birthday to gather around with the townsfolk to sing “Happy Birthday” to their water tower.


#6. World’s Largest Santa Claus: North Pole, AK

If you feel like an extra long road trip that includes Canada, then a trip up to the North Pole will help you discover the Santa Claus house, home to a place where Christmas exists year-round. Just how big is Santa? He stands over 40 feet tall and weighs in at half a ton, but that’s kind of what you’d expect for a man who eats cookies and milk from billions of households around the world. He’s been in North Pole since 1983 and has no plans on moving from where he currently stands with a cheerful smile from his little suburb community outside of Fairbanks.


Bonus: The Golden Driller: Tulsa, OK

First of all, you’d better get your mind out of the gutter. Secondly, what other 22 foot golden man has the ability to withstand the forces of a 200 mph tornado? Built in the early 50’s as a way to celebrate the good fortune of finding oil around their community, the Golden Driller is even Oklahoma’s official state monument. From his giant Tulsa belt buckle to his massive golden hat, the Midas touch is certainly strong with this one.

The Golden Driller

Photo: Carolyn


What are your favorite bizarre roadside attractions in united states? Share with us your lists below!

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