4 Best Lighthouses to Visit For Spring Travel


Last updated on October 20th, 2016

Spring is right around the corner, or so moving the the clocks an hour ahead for Daylight Savings Time tells us. Time to begin daydreaming about the fresh, breezy spring air and warm sun in our future no matter how much local temperatures and brewing storms try to defy this fact. What better way to ward off the persistent winter weather and keep spirits high than planning some fantastic spring adventures? What better spring adventure than visiting picturesque lighthouses? This week, some of the world’s best lighthouse destinations are explored.

4 Best Lighthouses to Visit For Spring Travel:

Portland, ME

Maine is the epitome of quintessential New England, boasting six lighthouses all within a half hour’s drive of central Portland, ME. Although many more beautiful lighthouses exist throughout the state, this route makes it possible to get a great lighthouse tour taking only an afternoon.

  • Two Lights State Park: As the name implies, two lighthouses can be viewed here. Both however, are located on private property, so although one can’t get very close to them, the park offers great views of them.
  • Portland Head Light: One of the most photographed lighthouses in the country. Before leaving, check out Ram Island Light at the entrance to Portland Harbor.
  • Spring Point Ledge Light: Located next to the Portland Harbor Museum, visitors get the chance to learn more about Portland’s rich history. Unlike other lighthouses, visitors can walk out on the granite breakwater to admire and photograph the lighthouse up close.


West Coast Lighthouse Tour:

Point Piños Light: 4 Best Lighthouses to Visit For Spring Travel

Photo: Ed Bierman

Washington, Oregon and California have many lighthouses dotting the coast. While all offer beautiful views unique only to the U.S. Pacific Coast, Northern California offers its own special treat for the lighthouse enthusiast. Many of California’s lighthouses were built shortly after the gold rush of 1849 and mirror the traditional New England style design original lighthouses were built in. Seeing this design, it’s clear how these iconic cliff-side lights were given the name “lighthouse”, as it literally is a small house with a light tower constructed from the roof. Ironically however, this traditional “house style” lighthouse is non-existent in New England today. The only place this original style still survives is in Northern California.


South Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia’s South Shore has lighthouses dotting the entire coast, including tranquil settings and louder wave-crashing bays. The “Lighthouse Route” along the shore offers views and stops at over 20 lighthouses, traveling along quiet country roads where lumber is still hauled by ox and fishermen row wooden dories out to sea. This route makes an unforgettable trip.


Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Croatia’s claim to fame is its beautiful, serene cliff sides and breathtaking Dalmatian Coast. One more thing to make Croatia stand out as a must-see destination location are the architecturally beautiful, historically rich lighthouses along the Adriatic Coast. Even better is many of these lighthouses are not only maintained, but can be rented out! Vacationers can enjoy a lighthouse all to themselves for often surprisingly reasonable nightly and weekly rates, complete with the tranquility of sitting on a remote island and a personal lighthouse keeper who can share the stories and legends living within the ancient walls of these unique and beautiful lighthouses.

*Note: For those not looking to travel quite as far as Croatia, opportunities to stay in a lighthouse exist all over the U.S., though most are bed and breakfast situations. Not quite as exotic as getting an entire lighthouse on a beautiful remote island to yourself!


So, start envisioning those warm, spring days and begin planning how you’ll get out and enjoy some of our great historical lighthouses in your own backyard or around the world!

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