10 Best Bike Friendly Cities In the World


Last updated on July 28th, 2017

Bike Friendly Cities In the World

Riding a bike is a great way to get from Point A to Point B and back without adding to the potential problem of global warming and you get a good workout along the way. Some cities are more bike friendly than others, however, so you’ll want to take note of these, the very best of the best, when you want to go out for a ride.We have just compiled this list of best bike friendly cities in the world.

10 Best Bike Friendly Cities In the World:

#1: Paris, France

With a great bike share system and a commitment to include bicycles into the very infrastructure of the city, Paris comes out on top as the best bike friendly city in the world. They’ve removed expressways from along the river, slowed down speed limits, and are installing protected tracks that will only encourage the number of hubs and sharing systems that will be used both day and night.

France Bike

#2: Barcelona, Spain

The bike sharing system in this city is a stunning success and there are dedicated tracks for commuters that make traversing even busy intersections a safer experience. Tracks have replaced the grassy medians in boulevards and a firm commitment to slower speed limits makes enjoying the beauty of this city by bike a fun experience.

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#3. Montreal, Canada

Montreal has had a commitment to promoting bicycle use for over 3 decades and their efforts are still paying off today. There are bi-directional bike tracks throughout the city and there is a consistent push to continue adding to the safety of those who commute regularly by bike. Montreal is also one of the few North American cities where you’ll see an emphasis on bicycling for nightlife participation as well. You know things are strong in this city when all you see along a block are cargo bikes!

Montreal Canada

#4. Tokyo, Japan

It’s the world’s biggest city, but it makes this list because it really gets why bicycles are so important to the functioning of a metropolis landscape. The infrastructure for bicycles here is one of the best in the world, but what is holding Japan back from the top slot is a lack of emphasis on improving that infrastructure or reaching for modernization of existing structures.

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#5. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This city has a solid base of bicycling enthusiasts that keeps pushing for innovation and change. Projects are being completed routinely, like floating roundabouts, that will help encourage more people to ditch the vehicle and go for the bicycle. As the idea continues to catch on that bicycles are the way to go, this city will only keep climbing in the annual rankings of the best bike friendly cities in the world.

Netherlands Bike

#6. Nantes, France

Having spent over 40 million Euros over the last 5 years to improve bicycle infrastructure, this city is rapidly increasing the popularity of the bike as a means of transportation. Bike share participation has more than doubled during this same 5 year period and there are city subsidies in place for those who wish to invest in a cargo bike.

#7. Seville, Spain

For a long time, Seville was the world’s leader in this category and for a good reason. They were one of the first to introduce dual lane bike tracks along city streets. They were a leader in the incorporation of the green color for these tracks instead of using painted lines that drivers would just tend to ignore. The development has stalled out over the years, however, and although it is still a modern system, Seville could do a little more.

Seville bike

Photo: biketexas

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#8. Utrecht, The Netherlands

The good news for Utrech is that their infrastructure is perfectly designed for bicycle use. A number of bicycle dedicated streets exist here and if you’ve ever seen a video of the traffic jams on bicycle paths here, you know that the local population has bought into the concept. The only issue is that there just isn’t enough to accommodate the traffic! If Utrecht could incorporate even more of the good, then they’d quickly become the best bike friendly city in the world today.

#9. Copenhagen, Denmark

With a uniform structure that is routinely used, this city has a lofty goal of having half of their vehicles on city streets be bicycles. There’s a number of construction projects underway right now to increase the amount of bicycle access people will have, including an entire series of bridges that will take bicycles over the harbor. There’s also a network of highways that are dedicated to bicycles getting installed as well, so the future looks bright for this city.

Copenhagen Bike

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

#10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With a relaxed, joyful atmosphere, hoping on a bicycle to travel is just a sign of living the good life in this community. There’s no drama about how bicycles will cause traffic problems and the speed limits are kept low to make sure everyone stays safe. Cycling through the city center is always a good time, but Amsterdam could use a boost of innovation when it comes to future development opportunities, especially when it comes to a uniform design for the infrastructure. With that being said, however, it is definitely one of the best bike friendly cities in the world right now.

Bonus Community: Port Townsend, WA

A number of small communities with populations below 20,000 are very bicycle friendly, but Port Townsend stands out amongst them all. This small community is bike friendly beyond just having dedicated bike lanes on a number of city streets. There’s a trail that winds its way along the coast, letting you have a waterfront ride. There are also numerous bike friendly trails that cut through the city forests so you can take a mountain bike from the beach to the grocery store and back in just a few minutes. Downtown offers a glimpse of the Victorian era when this arts community was created, giving you the chance to have an old-fashioned burger and shake, shop for antiques, or have an ice cream cone as you look out at the gentle waves.

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