40 Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World


Last updated on July 26th, 2017

Beaches are perfect to get relief from hectic and busy schedule with warm and breezy wind. It is impossible to rank world’s best beaches. All are popular for their comfort zone and it offers you a different kind of feel or activities to do. In this article you will find exotic and warm water beaches all over the world. Leave winter behind and enjoy your holidays at these beach vacation spots. Surely, you will forget about cold, low temperature and other stress at these beaches. Discover the outdoor adventures, accommodation and night parties at 40 best beach vacation spots in the world. For honeymoon, anniversary and family/friends tour these beach vacation spots are wonderful.

40 Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World:

  1. Portstewart strand, Ireland:

Portstewart strand, Ireland

This is the one of well maintained beaches located at Northern Ireland. Portstewart strand offers you different kind of activities like surfing, walking, swimming and horse riding.  You can explore wildlife also.

  1. Coffee Bay, South Africa:

Coffee Bay, South Africa

This is the perfect place for adventure lovers. It is surrounded by cliffs and green hills. Walk is the best way to explore it more. Choosing this beach vacation spot is like getting the best star.

  1. Navagio Beach, Greece:

Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio beach is the home of limestone cliffs, white sand and clear blue water. It is located on Zakynthos Island, Greece. This stunning beach attracts thousands of tourists every year.

  1. The Baths, Virgin Island:

The Baths, Virgin Island

Still looking for best beach vacation spots? The Baths of southern Virgin Gorda is the best location to enjoy with family or friends.  It attracts visitors by its great features such as tropical palm, sandy, spectacular tunnels and clear water.

  1. Ipanema beach, Brazil:

Ipanema beach, Brazil - Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World

Ipanema beach is the reason behind sizzling, waxing and sexy locals.  It is located at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This beach is the one of best place for parties, volleyball and sunbathing. It offers you a number of activities to do.

  1. Falassarna beach, Greece:

Falassarna beach, Greece

Falassarna beach is famous for Crete’s biggest beach on the first Saturday of august. There are lot of to do and to explore about this beach for solitary sun lovers. This is middle one of five consecutive beaches.

  1. Rabbit beach, Italy:

Rabbit beach, Italy

Features of rabbit beach are white cliffs, blue & clear water and dry-desert land. It is the one of wonderful places located at Lampedusa, Italy. Every year thousands of visitors come here to enjoy. You can see dolphins and turtles.

  1. Wineglass bay, Tasmania:

Wineglass bay, Tasmania

Visitors admire the Tasmania for its natural beauty sceneries. Wineglass Bay is one of best beach vacation spots for thrill seekers. It offers stunning activities- Hiking, boating, surfing, Kayaking and many more things.

  1. Hidden beach, Mexico:

Hidden beach, Mexico

This beach was formed by Mexican military on the Marieta Island in Mexico. As the name suggests you, this is underground beach vacation spot. You have pass through a water tunnel to get at hidden beach.

  1. 7mile beach, Jamaica:

7mile beach, Jamaica

7mile beach is located at Negril, Jamaica. As the name describes itself it is 7 mile long. So, it is consider as the longest and one of best beach bars in the world.

  1. Zlatni Rat(Golden Cape), Croatia:

Zlatni Rat(Golden Cape), Croatia

This is the most popular beach of Europe’s Croatia. Zlatni Rat is located nearby the city of Bol on southern coast of Brac Island. This beach has amazing shape as you can see in picture. It holds the record as best beach vacation spot from 2009.

  1. Maya Bay, Krabi:

Maya Bay, Krabi: Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World

Maya bay is located at the Koh Phi Phi Island of south Krabi. It became famous after the movies. This is one of favourite spot of divers. People come to second largest Island ( Koh Phi Phi ) only to see this Bay.

  1. Hot water Beach, New Zealand:

Hot water Beach, New Zealand

It is located on at Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand.  To enjoy the Hot water beach, you can dig your pool in the sand. Enjoy the hot water spa of sea in your own pool. Family, friends, couple and kids can enjoy a lot at hot water beach.

  1. Anse source D’Argent, Seychelles:

Anse source D’Argent, Seychelles

This is located on La Digue( Island of Seychelles). This is the one of best beach vacation spot with countless features. Visitors consider it as one of photogenic beach in the world.  The fragrance of coconut palms flaunt into air.

  1. Aharen Beach, Japan:

Aharen Beach, Japan

Aharen beach is located on the main Island Tokashiki of Japan. It offers to its tourists to do many activities. The extraordinarily clear water, marine life, humback whales and different types of sea turtles are the attraction sights of this beach.

  1. Bells Beach, Australia:

Bells Beach, Australia

Bells beach is the home of different activities, located at Victoria in Australia. This is the one of longest beach which is famous for surfing all over the world.

  1. Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece:

Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is popular wild party spot in Greece. Paradise beach is located at Mykonos which is one of best beach vacation spots for all generations. It is also considered as one of best beach bar in the world.

  1. Lover’s beach, Mexico:

Lover’s beach, Mexico

Lover’s beach is only accessed by long boat. No doubt it is not a place to stay too long but still it is popular as romantic best beach vacation spot in Mexico.

  1. Glass beach, Hawaii:

Glass beach, Hawaii

The name of beach describes itself that you’ll find pieces of colourful and beautiful glasses as shown in picture. This beach is located at Kauai, Hawaii, United States. These beautiful glass gems attract thousands of visitors to Hawaii.

  1. Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island, Australia:

Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island of Australia is one of most popular and largest sandy Island. Lake Mckenzie beach is located on the Fraser Island. This freshwater beach is considered as one of cleanest beach in the world.

  1. Gordon beach, Israel:

Gordon beach, Israel

Gordon Beach is packed with dozens of features in Israel. It attracts number of people every year. Explore the restaurants and activities at Gordon Beach.

  1. Margaret River, Australia:

Margaret River, Australia

Margaret is very well known beach of Western Australia. Calm climate, friendly spot and surfing activity are the features of this beach. This is the one of heart-capturing beach of Australia.

  1. Hemmick beach, Cornwall, England:

Hemmick beach, Cornwall, England

Hemmick sandy beach is located at the west of Dodman point. This is famous for swimming Spot. It offers you a lot of other activities to do. Walk at Hemmick beach to feel the peace of nature.

  1. Tapuaetai, Aitutaki:

Tapuaetai, Aitutaki

This is located at Aitutaki atoll of Cook Island and it holds the record of Australasia leading beach. This beach offers the different and great views to its visitors. You can walk on sandbank to explore more about this beach.

  1. EL Cabo, Colombia:

EL Cabo, Colombia

El cabo is surrounded by Tyrona national park in Colombia. The clear water of EL Cabo is famous for swimming. Swimming feature of EL makes it one of best beach vacation spot.

  1. Kuta, Bali:

Kuta, Bali

Kuta beach is located nearby Tuban, a town of Balinese. It is famous for its powerful waves that thrash on its white sand. Kuta beach is one of favourite spot of surfers. You can also explore the evenings and sunset scenery of Kuta beach.

  1. Half-moon Bay, Jamaica:

Half-moon Bay, Jamaica

Coloured sand, palm trees and curve of perfect attracts the visitors to Half-moon Bay of Jamaica. It is located at Jamaica’s northern coast. Walk and discover the sea food, camping and snorkelling at Half-Moon Bay.

  1. Boulders beach, Cape Town:

Boulders beach, Cape Town

Clear climate, cool water and little cloves are the reason to visit Boulders beach at Cape Town, South Africa. African Penguins attracts visitors to Boulders. To get close, follow the boardwalk.

  1. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Thailand:

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Thailand

Phu Quoc Island is one of largest near to combodia. It offers you wide variety of entertaining options and activities. Cafes, restaurants and white beaches are famous sights of this Island.

  1. Bandon, Oregon, United States:

Bandon, Oregon, United States

Natural beauty, sunset and good food of bandon beach attract visitors to Oregon State in United States. Bandon is one of most famous beach vacation spot with safari Game Park.

  1. Byron Bay, Australia:

Byron Bay, Australia

The world’s biggest music show at Byron bay attracts a number of visitors. You can explore cafes, pubs and bar at Bayron bay beach, Australia. Surfers wait for heavy waves to ride. You can explore more activities.

  1. Puka Beach, philippines:

Puka Beach, philippines

Puka beach is located at Philippines which is best known as white beach. It is a beach for relaxing, stress out and best for swimmers. This is the one of best family vacation spots.

  1. La Concha, Spain:

La Concha, Spain

La Concha is the lovely beach located at northern coast of Spain. Great restaurants, cafes and hotels are the attraction sight of La Concha. It offers you to swimming as well as other activities.

  1. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka:

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the country of outstanding beaches. Unawatuna is the one of those awesome beaches to spend vacations with family. The cool climate and palm trees attract number of visitors every year.

  1. Venice beach, California:

Venice beach, California

Venice is residential and commercial beach of California, United States. It is the second most visited location of Southern California. It offers you lots of activities.

  1. Skagen Beach, Denmark:

Skagen Beach, Denmark

This beach is 40 miles long located at Denmark. Skagen beach has awesome wind-blow and fairytale forests scenery. Swimming and other activities are attraction of Skagen beach, Denmark.

  1. Diani Beach, Kenya:

Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani beach is the one of most popular beach of Kenya. You can travel around the supermarkets of Diani. There are other sights to see and activities to do with family member.

  1. Starfish beach, panama:

Starfish beach, panama

Starfish beach lots of star fishes and the water of this beach is calm, crystal and clear. You can see the fishes at the shore. Enjoy the night out parties of awesome hotels at panama.

  1. Grand Haven, Michigan:

Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand haven beach is the oldest beach of Michigan town, United States. You can find sand dunes over there.  This beach is best suitable for swimmers. You can do other activities at local restaurants and night out parties.

  1. Koh lanta, Thailand:

Koh lanta, Thailand

Koh lanta is the one of most visiting sight or beach of Thailand. After sunset ice-cream parlour, restaurants and market became alive. It is also consider as one of sexiest destinations of world.

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