40 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World


Last updated on March 25th, 2018

Usually, people make plans to go out for fun and to enjoy their life. The first idea hits in your mind to plan about beautiful beaches to feel love with the nature. Well, the beach is like landform along with the surface of the water, consists of particles which often composed of rocks included sand, pebbles and gravel.

40 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

You can enjoy most thrilling water sports in beaches like Para-sailing, snorkeling and diving, scuba-diving and water ski etc., enjoy beach parties, beach marriages. Beaches realize you that sometime there is good at escaping from the real life. Coconut trees are there and the fragrance of coconuts spreads everywhere with which your mind gets refreshed. A long sea can give you peace and relax. You love to do sunbathing, underwater activities and sports. Beaches deserve the fame of beauty. There are endless expenses of white sand, relax and perfect environment. Here is the list of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.

40 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World:

  1. Ipanema Beach-

Ipanema beach is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city is so sizzling because of its sexy locals. The good thing is nobody can stare at them in the renowned party beach. There is so many waterfront gyms which you use for relaxing.

  1. Anse Source d’Argent-

This beach is in La Digue, Republic of Seychelles. It is famous especially for the nature reserve. The towering cliffs of the beach and pink sand make it best photographed beach. You can also find rare black flycatcher bird in this beach. It becomes the awesome day to visit here.

  1. Hidden Beach-

The hidden beach is situated in The Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As the name of the beach is hidden it is same as its name but a very lovely beach. This is a underground beach which you can enjoy the most and you will come again in the next vacation.

  1. Plage de St. Jean-

This is in St. Barths, French Carribean, which is situated at end of the island’s airport. There is a story related with the beach that in 2009, the plane crashed on the runway but mercifully no one was injured. But you can enjoy here the most.

  1. 7 Mile Beach-

7 Mile Beach is in Negril, Jamaica. It is flanked by the Cliff “Epic”. It is one of the longest and beautiful beaches in world. It is 6 miles long. Best bars are also there for enjoying.

  1. Maya Bay-

Maya Bay is situated in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. This beach is so famous actually it is used as a background for the party movie. The demand of this beach is so much in the films that’s why it is one of the gorgeous tropical beaches in the world. It may be cheaper to shoot the films in Thailand.

  1. Plage de Tahiti-

This beach is in St. Tropez, France. This nude beach is one of the sexiest beaches in the world. Most the celeb hotspot here to enjoy the nature, Naomi Campbell also spotted in the beach.

  1. El Castillo-

El Castillo is in Tulum, Mexico. The background is with Mayan ruins, the white sand is accented by plain water and fishing boats; in the meantime locals salsa dance on Playa Esperanza. There are so many activities like swimming in cenotes, climbing pyramids and kite surfing that you can’t be bored in the beach. You can also try to eat the fish tacos.

  1. Baia do Sancho-

This beach is situated in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. It looks lovely with its coral reefs and turquoise waters. It is the best beach in the world also the trip advisors suggest the same.

  1. Bells Beach-

Bells Beach situated in Victoria, Australia. The beach is on the barely credible Great Ocean Road whose stretch is 150 miles. There is surf break and insert giggling.

  1. Paradise Beach-

This is in Mykonos, Greece. Paradise is best for the wild party hotspot. You can enjoy the full-moon party here and the Tropicana Beach Bar is one of the top beach bars.

  1. South Beach-

South Beach is in Miami, FL. This beach is one the excellent spot to watch; you can freely enjoying there no one stare. The pool parties can’t stop here.

  1. Sunrise Beach (Had Rin Nok)-

It is in Koh Pha-Ngan. This is famous for the Full moon party in the world. You experienced the nightly fire also on the beach.

  1. Bahia Gardner-

This beach is situated in Espanola Island, Galapagos. It is famous for the endemic species. You can see the red lava lizards, sea lions and waved albatrosses breed also. There is so much fun here.

  1. Mosquito Bay-

This Mosquito bay is in Vieques, Puerto Rico. It is the best example for the natural light shows in the world, it happens due to dinoflagellates are troubled and leaking glow stick. You can see a clear polycarbonate canoe close in a sky.

  1. White Bay-

It is situated in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. It is one of the smallest 4 main British Virgin Islands. You can enjoy the environment most the white sand, the clear sky.

  1. Kite Beach-

Kite Beach is in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This is one of the most kite surfing spots in the world and there is a huge competition every June. There is everything for you i.e. cross fit gym, yoga and circus school also.

  1. Manu Bay-

This is in Raglan, New Zealand. It is known for the famous surf break in world. The sand of this bay is black and a fine beach.

  1. Glass Beach-

It is situated in Kauai, Hawaii. Most of us hate with getting sand in our body so, swim trunks available. This beach is cover with brown pebbles, clear sky and blue water which looks fantastic.

  1. Lake McKenzie-

This is situated in Fraser Island. This is a freshwater lake which is a one of the world’s cleanest lake. Fraser island is the largest sand island.

  1. Rabbit Beach-

Rabbit Beach is in Lampedusa, Italy. This beach comes in   the world’s top 4 beaches. You can see that dolphins frolicking in water and nearby there are a volcanic isle i.e. Linosa which is a contrast of black and red beach.

  1. Gordon Beach-

This beach is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. Young people can enjoy hookahs on beach. You can love to watch heated games and pebble balls while returning to US.

  1. Paklinski Islands-

It is in Hvar, Croatia. Private Yacht is available here so you can enjoy the most. There are some deserted beaches, crystal clear water and hidden coves.

  1. East Beach-

It is located in Santa Barbara, California. It’s the starting of American beach culture and called as America’s Riviera. Sizzling girls were playing volleyball here.

  1. Rockaway Park-

Rockaway Park is in Queens, New York City. This beach is famous for the best tacos mainly Rockaway Taco.

  1. Rainbow Beach, Queensland-

It is in southeastern Queensland. Because of the colorful sand dunes i.e. a mixture of brown sand, red, orange, yellow and black, this beach is known as rainbow beach.

  1. Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island, Japan-

It is situated in Okinawa Chain, south of the Japanese mainland. This is special for its clear water shelter and rich in marine life. There are so many types of sea turtles, colorful tropical fishes and majestic humpback whales.

  1. Cayo Largo, Cuba-

It is located in Cuba and also known as Large Island has its 2 western beaches i.e. Playa Sirena and second is Playa paraiso, where there are downy sand and warm shallow water.

  1. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii-

It is located on the Kohala Coast of the Aloha State’s island. You can huddle into the sand and peer out with water to see, if you can grab a peek of manta rays swimming.

  1. Pantai Tanjung Rhu, Malaysia-

It is on Langkawi Island at Tanjung. It has fabulous aquamarine water and white sand. There is transparent water in which fish are clearly visible that swimming near to the seashore.

  1. Perhentian Kecil-

It is located on the Perhentian Island, Malaysia. Dazzling beaches are in kescil. Coral beach and Long beach are 2 beaches in this island. You can get a best scuba-diving and snorkeling here.

  1. Ko Phi Phi Don-

It is located in south of krabi. It looks pretty when you visit here. There is breathing white sand which makes you relax.

  1. Tulum Beach-

Tulum Beach is located in Mexico. This beach is good for the picturesque of all sites, hordes of visitor visit every day. It looks beautiful because of white sand and mesmerizing turquoise.

  1. Lanikai Beach-

This beach is in Hawaii. Around the beach there are so many palm trees, white sand and continual sunshine. It is sheltered by coral reef, which keeps the surf moderately calm. It is in the west coast of Oahu. On the eastern side there is extensive fringing reef that makes from very peaceful waters beside the beaches.

  1. Starfish Beach, Panama-

Starfish Beach is situated on south of Costa Rica on the side Caribbean Sea. It’s a protected beach and magnificently decorated with a moderate smidgen of starfish. The sea was actually plain and clean, even there a lot of people in a beach but it did not look crammed full. The weather of this beach is perfect and you can love to come next time also.

  1. Cala Saona Beach-

Cala Saona Beach is in Formentera. It has completely clear water, white sand and vivid red cliffs on the both side. It face west so is the perfect mark for a sundowner at Cala Saona. In the evenings you can observe the sun location above the sea.

  1. Koh Kradan Beach-

This beach is located in Thailand. This beach is so much peaceful, near Andaman Sea. White sand is there in a beach amazing snorkelling on a reef, hammocks and crystal plain water. Golden and blue fish come around when you just enter into the water. It’s so awesome.

  1. Greenfield Beach-

This beach is next to the Jervis Bay’s water, mainly in Australia. This beach has an edge by a dense forest of gum trees and small stone cliff. You can also visit The Booderee national Park to meet the Kangaroos. Very popular with local’s, parking be awful, but in a sunny is the peak spot. It’s a huge place for the early morning swim. It looks very stunning.

  1. Yyteri Beach-

This beach is located in Pori, Finland. It has a stretch of 5km of powder-soft sand back by dunes. There are so much pine forests. You can also enjoy the surfing rides. The superficial, sandy beach is secure for little children. Surfing, beach volleyball and frequent other water games includes in summer activities. You can also enjoy the safe bathing beach zone; the area is swarming with birdlife and coastal forest. There are so many different lodging options about the beach range from the tents to caravan.

  1. Comillas Beach-


Comillas Beach is situated in Cantabria, Spain. The Seaside town of this beach is popular with Spanish. There are so many tourist visits and snow-capped Picos de Europa cliffs. In this beach with brash golden sand attract a faithful subsequent of surfers. You love to ride the boosting waves. Fresh and peaceful, a bathe in the Cantabrian sea makes you excited.

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