7 Reasons To Book Your Trip Through a Tablet


Last updated on September 23rd, 2016

7 Reasons To Book Your Trip Through a Tablet

Mobile technology is becoming so good that in many ways a tablet today has the ability to outperform brand new computers. This article, for example, is being created on an iPad instead of a typical PC. You can’t tell the difference at the end because the interface works well and anyone can be productive no matter where they are, whether that is the beach, the home office, or stuck in the middle of a cubicle farm.

Mobile technology can also help you enhance your traveling experiences! Your next trip could be something truly spectacular thanks to the mobile platforms that are available right now. Here are the advantages that having a tablet or smartphone can bring… that you just can’t get with a laptop or desktop.

7 Reasons To Book Your Trip Through a Tablet:

#1. Mobile Deals on the Go

When you’re booking your travel plans, you can be instantly notified if a price meets your purchasing threshold. Many of these deep discounts get snapped up right away, which means being tied to your laptop or desktop all day to make sure you don’t miss the notification. With a tablet or smartphone, you can receive a text or email notification immediately, book your trip just seconds later, and save hundreds on your next flight, hotel, or cruise.

#2. Better Battery Life

If you’ve tied yourself to a laptop, then even though your battery says it can last up to 10 hours, that’s only if the brightness setting is at a 1. With a tablet or a smartphone, you get a battery that will last all day while working passively to notify you of when your trip deals are coming through. That means you can just book your notifications and go about your day without having to stop for awhile and plug-in.

#3. Unique Deals

Did you know that there is a difference between the internet you’d access with your laptop or desktop and the internet you access from your mobile device? Travel agencies often have websites that recognize what device you’re on and will generate mobile-specific deals that you won’t be able to access from any other device. Before finalizing any trip, even if you’re satisfied with the deal, check for a mobile discount.

#4. Better Customization

Sometimes you’re not using the mobile internet to book your trips. It’s safe to say that just as many trips get booked through travel apps today than from an internet browser from a mobile device. These apps allow you to better customize the type of trip you want to book, will give you helpful ideas that will let you supplement your itinerary, and will even let you save these searches within the app so you can pull it up whether you’re on WiFi, 3G, or you don’t have any connection at all.

#5. Better Access to Social Media

One of the most reliable places to get exclusive travel discounts is through social media. Mobile devices connect in a turn-on-and-go fashion that helps you immediately access these deals and that provides the instant gratification that makes you feel good about booking a fun trip at a quality price. Can you get these deals on a laptop/desktop too? Of course – but you’ll have to go through the start-up, even if it is just asleep, and that just takes extra time.

#6. Instant Access to Images

When you’re booking a trip through a mobile device, you’re also going to gain access to a lot of images that will help you see where you’re planning on going, staying, and even eating. The booking apps make this happen nearly instantly and for an extensive trip, the time savings compared to a traditional PC platform can be over an hour for the same information access. Instead of going to all the different websites, you simply get all of the info you need through the app in one perfect bundle.

#7. You Can Book Right Now

The best reason to use a mobile device for a trip is the same reason why I’m using a mobile device to create this article: it can be done when you’re on the go. You don’t have to wait until you get home and end up forgetting some small detail that is crucially important to the trip you want to have. You just open up the mobile device, access the app or browser, and you’re done in minutes.

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