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Diana Maria Italy and Greece, as well as Spain seem so romantic. I'd love to visit Greece one day. Lovely list of romantic cities!
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Bike tour Seville Seville is with big difference the best city in Spain for ride a bike!!!
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Simon Scary stuff! I'm old school - only done The Big One and the late Grand National in Blackpool and the late Corkscrew which was at Alton Towers.
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Kate Perhaps a trip to Cape Cod is in order for me soon, since that is a bit more do-able in the near future than the Azores... I saw a bit of a whale tail on a cruise in Alaska, and it is just such an awe-inspiring animal. I definitely want to go whale watching soon. It's funny, it always felt like an old people activity to me - I always thought I should be doing active things while I am young and save the whale watching for when I am old... but why wait to see something so amazing?!