Bizarre Tourist Attractions

The World’s Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions

Top 5 Whimsical Upside down houses in the world – Traveleering […] and every person has dream of his own house. Upside down houses sounds like nonsensical theme. Most of the people love little boxes house but some of people love […]
Traveleering :6 Upside Down Houses On Planet – Traveleering […] upside down house is a project created by Polish businessman or philanthropist the upside down houses is designed especially for the families who wish to maximize their modern lifestyle .The upside […]
Bungee Jumping... Into a Volcano? - Traveleering […] things that you can do as a tourist, many people settle for a high-speed roller coaster or maybe visiting a haunted hotel. For those who are seeking out a thrill while taking a vacation or holiday, base jumping, bungee […]