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Seeing the Giants From the Sky - Traveleering […] New York City is full of animation as cars and people hurry along the labyrinth of streets. When you are nestled down in between the lofty skyscrapers that can be likened to giants, it is hard to see the entire magnitude of the city. Navid Baraty, an innovative photographer, has given us a new perspective on these giants from the sky. […]
The 12 Most Photographed Cities in the World - Traveleering […] on 5th Avenue and everything in-between, each borough in NYC has its own character and charm. Times Square and the lights of Broadway only had to the charm that this great city […]
Eddie N S I'm glad you liked the post :) Torres Del Paine is an amazing place as well. It's a natural wonder, it has everything, stunning views of lakes, mountains, waterfalls and variety of flora. The scenery makes it one of the very special places. Just be prepared for the weather! I was there about a year ago, this was one of the most amazing trekking I did in my life life.
Shikha (whywasteannualleave) so stunning!! I'm going to Argentinian Patagonia later this year but only managing a day over in Torres Del Paine so probably won't get a chance to see this - guess I'll be missing out but glad I've had a chance to see it through your post :)