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Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor The Giant's Causeway had to be one of the most interesting places I've ever visited. I'm so intrigued by the geological features there and at Staff.
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Kate @ I hope one day I get to travel to all these places! But in the meantime, I can say that I've been to Vermont and it is absolutely gorgeous during that time of the year! Glad to see that a part of New England made it on the list because fall foliage is definitely one of the highlights of the year in that area.
Kate @ I cant imagine how beautiful and breathtaking it must be to actually dive in the great barrier reef! So jealous of people who (1) have the opportunity to go there and (2) are not scared of scuba diving and all the creatures who live in the ocean haha!
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Kate @ SeeKateTravelTheWorld Oh my gosh, those pictures are incredible! Unfortunately when I went to Singapore for work, my company did NOT splurge for that hotel =\ I always wondered if it's really worth it to stay there, (normally high-end hotels don't entice me at all), and it looks like it is worth it - the pictures from the pool are breathtaking!