If you are looking for a luxurious vacation to get away from it all, you need look no further than the majesty of the Queen Mary 2. This luxury ship is the world’s only ocean liner, regularly taking trips from New York City to Southampton, England. It is the only ship to make this trip, but the ocean liner also makes trips to the Carribean, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and more.

All Aboard the Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2’s particular trips mean she was designed somewhat differently than all of the other cruise liners on the oceans today. It has more steel than any other passenger ship, and is propelled by much different engines than others. It also travels much faster than other ships, as its destination is often much farther and it spends much of its time on the sea.

queen mary

Don’t be fooled by the idea of a week on the ocean- it won’t be nearly as boring as you may think. The Queen Mary 2 is the height of luxury, especially after a 25-day remodel that occurred this summer. There are fifteen restaurants on board, five pools, a spa, a library, a dance floor, a casino, nightly shows, afternoon tea, and the ocean’s only planetarium. If you want to bring your furry friends- you are in luck! The Queen Mary has the only kennels at sea, so your lovable fluffs never have to be too far away while you enjoy all the luxuries the ship has to offer.


If you love to get dressed up, this ship is definitely the place for you. Even in casual situations, passengers dress smart- in crisp polos and pressed shorts, while on formal nights you can find the dining room full of tuxedos and evening gowns. Obviously by the pools you won’t find these restrictions, but for folks who find themselves tired of a flipflops and tank tops lifestyle, the formal dress code may be a welcome change.

queen mary

If you want to plan your trip on the Queen Mary 2, head over to their website and take a peek at all of the destinations coming up in the next year or so.